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Edward Elric πŸ”₯43
Workout Activity Β· 20 minutes ago

Athlean X β€œ7min” Abs


2Γ—60 secs Seated Ab Circles
1Γ—60 secs Drunken Mountain Climbers
1Γ—60 secs Marching Planks
1Γ—60 secs Scissors
1Γ—30 secs Starfish Crunch
1Γ—30 secs Russian V-tuck Twists
Edward Elric πŸ”₯43
Workout Activity Β· 32 minutes ago

HIIT Cardio

Today I’ll try combining this one with the 7 minute abs one.

3Γ—30 secs Jumping Jacks
3Γ—30 secs High Knee
3Γ—30 secs Mountain Climber
3Γ—30 secs Burpees
PWR πŸ”₯12
Workout Activity Β· 2 hours ago

Recommended Routine (Old)

No notes.

1Γ—14 reps Band Dislocates
1Γ—7 reps Squat Sky Reaches
1Γ—14 reps Wrist Mobility Exercises
1Γ—14 reps Scapular Pulls
4Γ—40 secs Parallel Bar support
1Γ—75 secs Plank
1Γ—40 secs Side Plank
1Γ—75 secs Reverse Plank
1Γ—40 secs Hollow Hold
1Γ—40 secs Arch
1Γ—14 reps Squat Jumps
1Γ—1 mins Wall Plank
1Γ—40 secs Dead Hang
3Γ—3 reps Pull Up
2Γ—40 secs Foot-supported L-sit
3Γ—14 reps Bodyweight Squat
1Γ—60 secs Foot-supported L-sit
3Γ—14 reps Pushup
3Γ—7 reps Incline Row
Trey πŸ”₯1
Workout Activity Β· 2 hours ago

Reddit Recommended Routine

No notes.

1Γ—10 reps Squat Sky Reaches
1Γ—10 reps Arch Hangs
1Γ—20 reps Wrist Mobility Exercises
3Γ—8 reps L-sit Pull Up
3Γ—8 reps Advanced Shrimp Squats
3Γ—8 reps Ring Dips
3Γ—12 reps Straight Hanging Leg Raises
3Γ—12 reps Reverse Hyperextension
3Γ—8 reps Tuck Front Lever Row
2Γ—8 reps Rings Turned Out Push Up
3Γ—8 reps Advanced Harop Curl
Robert Sun πŸ”₯9
Workout Activity Β· 3 hours ago

Reddit Recommended Routine

Had to cut workout short due to stomach aches. (Got off diet last night but back on today). 20lb for 1st. 30lb for 3rd

1Γ—10 reps Shoulder Band Warmup
1Γ—10 reps Squat Sky Reaches
1Γ—20 reps Wrist Mobility Exercises
1Γ—30 secs Dead Bugs
1Γ—10 reps Arch Hangs
1Γ—30 secs Ring Support
1Γ—10 reps Intermediate Shrimp Squats
2Γ—8 reps L-sit Pull Up
3Γ—8 reps Step-up
1Γ—6 reps L-sit Pull Up
3Γ—8 reps Ring Dips
3Γ—5 reps Deadlift
1Γ—8 reps Inverted Row
1Γ—8 reps Rings Wide Push Ups
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It's funny to say but it's the only app I tried that's letting me easily follow along the recommended routine from one screen. The timers are there, the rep counter, the rest periods, and the video explanations.

β€” @osinisa

A simple interface without clutter, an adequate amount of gamification, a respectful and cheery community, ease of use, coupled with proven routines revolving around bodyweight fitness are just some of what factors into getting me hooked. Being active on the regular has been on my mind before but never really stuck. But now, thanks to Fitloop, it has and I feel better than ever!

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I love for getting strong. Just started this year. feels great; no equipment req'd. love it.

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Excited with my #bodyweightfitness progress to-date. The team behind @fitloop makes it really easy to get started.

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I don't think I could have transitioned to the home gym without @songza and @fitloop #gamechanger #newgoals

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Paying for a gym membership is crazy. You don't need machines. All you need is your own body. Check out Fitloop.

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No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

β€” Socrates