Reddit Recommended Routine

Green band for pull-ups. Red band for pallof presses. 20lb vest for dips. 30lb vest for squats and rows. 40lb backpack for push-ups and planks. Right-side band for pull-ups.

1ร—10 reps Shoulder Band Warmup
1ร—10 reps Squat Sky Reaches
1ร—20 reps Wrist Mobility Exercises
1ร—30 secs Dead Bugs
1ร—30 secs Parallel Bar support
1ร—8 reps Assisted Bodyweight Squat
2ร—6 reps Pull Up
1ร—10 reps Bodyweight Squat
2ร—11 reps Bodyweight Squat
1ร—7 reps Pull Up
3ร—7 reps Parallel Bar Dips
3ร—8 reps Romanian Deadlift
2ร—9 reps Horizontal Row
2ร—7 reps Pushup
1ร—8 reps Horizontal Row
1ร—8 reps Pushup
1ร—70 secs Plank
3ร—12 reps Banded Pallof Press
2ร—75 secs Plank